Add Glass Boathouse to Your List of Future Second Homes

Best part? No boat required.

October 3, 2017 9:00 am

Given its location next to a quiet cove located about a 35-minute ferry ride from Auckland on New Zealand’s Waiheke Island, architect Vaughn McQuarrie looked to embrace the nautical nuances of the area by incorporating elements of a traditional boatshed into its design.

Finished in 2016, the slow-clap-worthy Anzac Bay House has a centrally located area that’s shaped like boatshed and is meant to serve the same function as a church in the middle of a small village. As Vaughn told Arch Daily, the “church” area serves as a “central grand space” which is “surrounded by smaller spaces” around the edges. 

To make that innovative design concept work, materials like exposed steel beams, timber floor beams and precast concrete panels were utilized during construction of the open-design home.

Permission to come aboard?  Granted. Check the gallery below. 

Church boat (6 images)

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