Keep Your Damn Glasses Off This Boombox

Do you respect wood?

By The Editors
June 16, 2017 9:00 am

In the 1960s, Dutch audio engineers at Philips came up with the idea of putting a radio and a cassette player in the same unit, called it the Radiorecorder and, voila, the boombox was born.

The boombox has changed a lot since then, but the love for that same basic design of a music-blasting box with two speakers and a handle (a party in your hand, or on your shoulder), has never waned.

And, thanks to handsome designs like Audio House’s Modern Boombox, it never will.

An ode to the sturdy hi-fi equipment  in the living rooms of the ‘70s,  the Modern Boombox is dressed in a heavy walnut shell, has Bluetooth APT-X capabilities and is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can provide up to 10 hours of playback. It’s 20 pounds, so take it to parties or gatherings at will.

Designed to provide the power of a home stereo system in a portable package, the Modern Boombox is equipped with a 50-watt class D amplifier and a pair of five-inch aluminum magnesium drivers and dome tweeters.

Modern Boombox (2 images)

“After years of building vintage suitcase boomboxes from reclaimed parts, we set out to build the best all-in-one portable Bluetooth speaker we could,” desinger Garrett Galayda tells us. “Balancing power, sound, portability and style, we came up with this.”

Priced at $545 on Kickstarter for a limited time, the boombox should be delivered by Christmas.

Forget the chestnuts — go walnut. 

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