We Found the Stairway to Heaven and It’s Bright Yellow

We'll take the stairs. And the rest of the house.

May 1, 2017 9:00 am

This understated luxury home by Martin Dulanto is an exercise in restraint, with just a few exceptions. One of them is bright yellow — can you spot it?

The Lapa House, as it’s known, is in an oceanside neighborhood of Lima, Peru and sits on a rocky hillside facing the sea.

LApa (3 images)

The house itself is about 15% smaller than its neighbors owing to the designer’s wish to keep it minimally invasive to its hillside lot, and to prioritize views and calm spaces over simply taking up space. The ground floor of the main structure is actually a covered, open-air terrace where folks can socialize, swim and relax. The space can be closed up with sliding glass walls when desired.

Lapa 2 (3 images)

It can’t all be business, though, so the sculptural staircase gives a shock of color to the otherwise muted palette, connecting the social space with the living areas above. There are three bedrooms and housekeeper’s quarters, all with private bathrooms.

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