I Want to Live Inside of This Couch and Never Leave

It looks like an Italian-leather womb

March 23, 2018 9:00 am

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it until your ears hurt:

With the probable exception of your bed (and even that’s debatable), there is no single object or apparatus in your house more worth overspending on than your sofa. It’s the centerpiece of the most popular room in your house, it’s going to last a long time (assuming you don’t skimp), and most importantly, you are going to spend more waking hours atop it than any other surface in your home.

And it goes without saying that the butter-soft lump of love, happiness and stuffed, burnished leather you see above is a unit that passes the muster.

Designed by Marcel Wander for Natuzzi Italia, the saddle-leather Furrow Sofa — as aptly pointed out by Design Milk — has the “same soft, smooth feeling [of] an old baseball glove.” That’s because the cushionless model features an integrated design in which the arms and back smoothly incline into the mid-section, almost bean-bag-like, to insure that you’ll be sawing logs by the time the opening credits end.

Pricing and availability are not yet available, so keep an eye on all things Natuzzi for further updates.

Netflix and chill never had a chance.

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