Six Words: Party Barge You Can Live On

Floating tiny home for what ails ya'?

June 21, 2017 9:00 am

We were just remarking how the phrase “tiny home” might have outlasted its utility. When a home is more spacious than 80% of the apartments I’ve lived in, the implied modesty is a little much.

But we’re not mad at the floating  DOC Sports Club home from Romanian architecture firm Lime Studio. It’s a no-frills design that makes the space a blank canvas for the inhabitants’ lifestyle. There’s a kitchen and bathroom towards the back, along with ample dedicated storage for boards and gear (that’s where the sports club stuff comes in).

DOC (6 images)

A ladder up to the roof reveals a perfect spot to wave at gawking strangers or spend a Sunday afternoon.

As far as compact, low-impact houses go, we’ll take this over a landlocked abode anyday. Besides, we have a few other ideas for how to use it: A floating yoga studio. A party barge (BRB trademarking “party barge”). An intimate, memorable wedding venue. A retreat during the zombie apocalypse. A thing you’re about to buy me.


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