How to Frame a Photo

It’s about time you learned

By The Editors
March 25, 2015 9:00 am

Custom framing is a racket.

It can be so absurdly expensive to frame a piece of art that you’d think your local shop employed vestal virgins to hand-saw timber from blue jacarandas.

Just not the case.

And this is where Level comes in.

Level makes custom-quality frames — with natural wood profiles, archival matting and UV-protection acrylics — for about 50% of a custom frame store’s price.

And while they don’t employ vestal virgins, either, they’ll only take about fifteen minutes of your time.

Because the founder agrees: “Custom framing is a racket.”

So to use Level, simply measure the print you want framed.

Plug those numbers into Level’s interface.

See one you like? Click a button and order.

That’s it.

Level make the frames by hand, using maple and walnut cut from sustainably harvested American lumber. They’ll send it within a week.

It’ll take you 10 minutes to insert your artwork and mount it. Hardware included.

You can also mail in artwork and they’ll frame it for you. Or upload a pic from your phone and get that framed.

And if you spot an unframed print you like anywhere online, tweet the link to Level and the shop will buy it, frame it for you and ship it to your door. 


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