One for the Books

By The Editors
November 12, 2012 9:00 am
One for the Books

They say print is dead. To which we say yes, this tends to happen when you cut down trees.

But inanimate as it may be, print is also beautiful — so to keep those books in immaculately preserved condition, look no further than Leatherbound Book Works.

LBW is the one-man operation of a North Carolina binding sage, who honed his craft in Morocco with the King’s preferred bookbinder of choice. His goal: turn your musings and favorite readings into “heirloom-quality objects.”

Leatherbound does a few things very well: it repairs your favorite old books (say, a first-edition copy of Ulysses or a family Bible), and it collects your writings into gorgeous leatherbound books — from family histories to journals to letters.

And that even includes your electronic musings (blogs, e-mails, etc.), which the service will format properly to fit into beautifully grained, vegetable-tanned calfskin or goatskin leather tomes.

Normal turnaround takes about two months, with a standard, 6×9 binding starting at $240. The service will also craft hand-drawn maps with India ink and watercolors for inserts or endpapers.

Just another great way to track your legacy.

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