Don Draper-Inspired Tiny Home Comes With a Fold-Out Smoking Deck

Land Ark's making a serious bid for the tiny home throne

November 5, 2018 9:00 am

Sequels are tough. Especially when the original sets as high a bar as Land Ark’s Drake tiny home.

Remember the Drake? It debuted earlier this year: black, trapezoidal, double-lofted, and offering a combo of space and luxury rarely seen in a tiny home. Land Ark’s stayed the course on that MO, and somehow outdone themselves, with their all-new Draper model

draper (7 images)

Not so discreetly named for a certain uber-stylish, smooth0-talking fictional ad man, mobile Draper borrows a few key details from the Drake. Black corrugated metal siding. A kitchen outfitted with stainless steel. Floors clad in easy-on-the-eyes white-washed pine. Ceilings extending over 10 feet high.

But there are innovations here, too. Expect a long corridor housing a mudroom, storage closets, a washing machine and a bathroom. A dining room nook just begging for late night poker sessions, which transforms into a Queen sleeper sofa. And the Grand Poobah: a fold-out deck perfect for grilling somewhere the views make the beers taste better. 

For more information on the Draper, head here. We’re already pumped for volume three. 

All images from Land Ark RV

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