Joshua Tree’s Prettiest Rental Has an Open-Air Stargazing Bedroom

So this is what Bono was looking for

June 19, 2018 9:00 am

With all due respect to Alaska, the Mariana Trench and outer space, the “last great frontiers” are sometimes right in our own backyards.

Case in point: the Joshua Tree Folly cabin, a 2.5-acre compound that resembles a rusty, tumbledown hut but arrives with sleeping and living arrangements you’d expect from a seven-figure apartment.

Available on Airbnb (starting at $300 a night) and brought to bear by super-Airbnb curators Folly, the cabin features a skylit bedroom, pared-down bathroom, outdoor shower, fire-pit and soaking tub, all across two rusted structures fueled by a massive solar panel.

JT (7 images)

The real draw though, has to be the additional sleep space: an outdoor bed with a single queen bed resting on a lofted deck under the stars. Desert temps do apply, though, so stay vigilant. Joshua Tree hits 110 degrees this week, and that starts early. Fall asleep to the stars, set an alarm and go inside to crush some Hulu. It’s 2018.

Find more information about booking here.


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