Someone Make These Icelandic Tent Concepts a Reality, Stat

Welcome to the Nordic Mt. Olympus

August 2, 2018 9:00 am

If one of the Stonehenge architects woke up after a 5,000-year slumber and decided to get into glamping, the result might look a little something like this.

“Northern Wisps Cabins” is the brainchild of Bartosz Domiczek, a series of renderings that drops a horde of skyscraper yurts along Iceland’s Thórsmörk mountain ridge. Thórsmörk, a range of glacier-locked peaks in southern Iceland, is named for the Norse god Thor; and these tents look fit for a higher power, looming defiantly over the island’s endless geothermal marvels like a Nordic Mt. Olympus.

3d (6 images)

Domiczek’s imaginings will fool the casual scroller — I was ready to book one of these bad boys on Airbnb — but that’s partly the point. The photos are pure CGI, an entry into the “Cabins 3D challenge” for Ronen Bekerman (an architectural visualization outpost), from which Domiczek took first prize.

While we don’t get too many views of how Domiczek “outfitted” his tents, there does appear to be a fireplace chimney astride comfy pillows and hammocks, along with a ladder up to a lofted bed, which might be a good 25 feet in the air.

Please, please, someone make these things. You can learn more about the concept here.

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