These Go-Anywhere Cabins Are the Future of Backcountry Accommodations

Leave the tent at home

September 6, 2016 9:00 am

As someone who (humblebrag) recently spent some time exploring Iceland, I can tell you that the landscape is fierce and prone to change dramatically in any five-minute window.

One minute you’re driving through rolling green hills, the next you’re smack in the middle of what seem to be an endless corridor of lava fields. It’s thrilling, but it’s hard to be prepared for every type of landscape (not to mention weather) you’ll encounter, especially if you’re on foot.

One team doing their part to make that problem more manageable for Iceland’s numerous hikers? Stockholm-based Malin Arkitektur & Projekt (MAP), who yesterday were awarded second prize in the Iceland Trekking Cabins competition.

The fine print invited entrants to “imagine a versatile architecture for sheltering travelers in a vast, dynamic landscape defined by topographic contrast and ecological variation.”

The whimsical, angular ‘DICE’ cabin fits the bill, with its ability to adapt classic, hostel-style accommodations to a variety of terrains and settings.

As shown by the graphic below, the DICE can be endlessly reconfigured to suit pretty much any foundation you throw under it, all while providing ample — if spartan — shelter for small groups of trekkers.

The concept boasts a minimally furnished pale timber interior with a skylight and wide windows for maximum views, while up the ladder, there’s enough room to sleep 10.

It’s barebones, sure, but if you’re a seasoned camper, that’s all you need.

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