‘Hitch Hotel’ Is a Telescopic Trailer Your Car Wears Like a Backpack

It's got space enough for gear or an at-will campsite

July 2, 2018 9:00 am

Here’s what the teardrop trailer companies don’t cover in their FAQs:

Any camper that power washes your clothing and streams Monday Night Football is difficult to maneuver, restricted to the highway’s slowest lane aaand definitely going to put a dent in your wallet.

To wit: we’re tapping in Hitch Hotel, currently live on Kickstarter, an affordable, lightweight, wheel-less trailer that’ll capably carry your bikes by day, and sleep you and another by night, all without the parallel parking-esque stress that comes from dragging around a mobile home all day.

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The Hitch Hotel, as its name suggests, hitches to the back of your car (as long as it’s Class 2 and up … that’s 350lbs, plus) and hovers above the ground, bumping out a little less than three feet from the back of an auto. Great for tossing in bikes, boards, what have you. When not in transit, it can telescope out nearly seven and a half feet, resting on legs that allows it to easily post up at a woodsy or beachside campsite at-will.

It may not come with latticed windows, but it’s airtight and firm, and will get the job done just fine, especially at an early-bird price of $3,000. Which, we should mention, won’t renew itself each year in yearly upkeep costs.

Visit the campaign (26 days left) here.


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