This Private Island in Belize Comes with Its Own Resort

Bonus: It's ogling distance from Leo DiCaprio’s private island

January 26, 2017 9:00 am

You’ll never have Leonardo DiCaprio’s looks, Academy Award or, more importantly, Nina Agdal.

But you can have something else he’s got: your very own island in Belize — with a resort on it.

It’s not as eco-conscious as the digs Leo is building on Blackadore Caye, but the Hatchet Caye Resort is three miles away from all the environmental goodness the Belize Barrier Reef offers.

Located on seven acres of greenery and sand (only half of which has been developed), the 12-room resort features a traditional Belizean restaurant and more than a mile of private shoreline with ample locations for snorkeling, diving and other aquatic activities.

“The most unique thing about the island is its location,” Tony Camacho, the director of the holding company managing Hatchet Caye told Robb Report. “It’s a good size and it’s right out by the reef. If you want to do recreational diving, you’re very close to where you need to go.”

Granted, you’ll need to shell out $9.9 million to make it happen, but hey, who’s counting?

Maybe Leo and Nina will come and visit. 

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