This Moon-Surface Coffee Table Definitely Isn’t a Hoax

One small step for man. One giant leap for man caves.

October 11, 2017 9:00 am

French design brand Harow seem to hit all the pop-culture sweet spots with their furniture and collectibles: their arcade game-inspired sofas were bucket-list material at first sight when they passed through our newsroom, and now they’ve made an equally creative coffee table to pair with it. (Not to mention the golden head of Arnie, rendered as a striking if unsettling stool.)

The Apollo 11 table pays homage to the strange beauty of our one and only moon as well as the human ingenuity that allowed us to calculate/guess our way onto its surface in 1969.

Table (2 images)

The chunky design features accurate lunar topography, which the designers sourced from NASA’s own digital files. The body is made from fiberglass and leveled out with a thick slab of resin, and details from top to bottom make reference to the historic event.

And here’s a question you may have never asked: Do you need coasters on the moon? Unless we all move spaceside in the next couple years, our answer is yes.

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