This Ingenious (and Affordable) Tiny Home Sleeps Three

... very patient people who hate privacy

August 25, 2016 9:00 am

From Germany to Australia to the U.S. of A., countries around the world are building tiny homes.

Now, in signature fashionably late style, France is throwing its beret into the mini-mansions ring.

Dubbed the Odyssée, Nantes-based building company Baluchon has come up with a 217-square-foot tiny house that gets its natural light from opposing triangular windows and has an elevated living space above a miniature room that can be used for sleeping or storage.

With a sheltered porch that can be extended into a terrace, the Odyssée’s oak and spruce frame is complemented by warm cedar siding insulated with cotton, hemp and wood fiber.

In addition to a raised living room, the Odyssée has a two-part kitchen featuring a sink, stove, counter space, refrigerator and folding oak table as well as a lofted sleeping area with a ladder.

While rustic, Baluchon’s three-person build does have modern touches like a water heater, LED lighting, a waterproof external outlet for electricity and an Ethernet jack for internet usage.

A turnkey Odyssée goes for $49,800 and each one includes a special souvenir photo album.

It’s the small things in life.

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