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Infinitely customizable furniture from Detroit

October 5, 2015 9:00 am

Disposable income is a luxury.

Disposable furniture is a waste.

So when you’re building your home, take pride. Only bring in things you know you’ll grow with and make your own.

That’s the mission behind Floyd, a Detroit-based furniture maker that gives you the supplies to make beautiful, modular, one-of-a-kind items for your home.

Named after the creator’s father, grandfather and great-grandfather (all steelworkers from Ohio), the folks at Floyd source all their wares from the Midwest.

They call those wares “furniture of city living.” Translation: easy-to-move furniture components you can pair with locally sourced materials to endlessly modify and improve your decor.

Few to no tools required.


The Floyd Leg: Their original product, a clamp-on leg that transforms any surface material into a kick-ass table.

The Coat Rack: A clever leaning shelf unit for shirts, coats and bags.

The Bench Set: A framework (legs, cross-bracing straps, rubber feet) for crafting a bench from any flat surface.

Plus, assorted tabletop knickknacks and table/shelving options.

All arrive with free shipping and a sturdy, reusable carrying bag.

To find materials to complete your Floyd tables and benches, the founders suggest scouring lumber mills, reclaimed wood warehouses and antique stores (all the measurements right here).

And remember: waste not, want not.

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