The Escher Isn’t an Optical Illusion, It’s a Fully Loaded Tiny Home

M.C. would be proud, probably

October 9, 2017 9:00 am

Houses cost a lot. A half-mil. Twice that. Probably more. 

What if we said you could live anywhere, in style, for $139,000?  Because that’s the price of New Frontier’s Escher House

It’s compact — 300 square feet. So compact, in fact, that it’ll fit on a flat-bed trailer. That means you can go — and live — anywhere you have a piece of land. 

escher (8 images)

This isn’t the first time we’ve covered New Frontier Homes, the Tennesse-based maker of luxury microhomes. The Escher is the followup to the rustic Alpha model. But the new model differentiates itself from New Frontier’s first design with an industrial aesthetic, trading in space to add another sleeping quarter — a “master bedroom” — behind the kitchen galley. 

Check out the full gallery above, and head on over to New Frontier for more info. 

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