This Houseboat Comes in a Box, Can Be Built in a Day

We don't advise trying to float it to Canada, but you can try

November 10, 2016 9:00 am

If a recent event has you in the market for a new home — floating or otherwise — look no further.

After perfecting their DublDom line of prefabricated homes, Moscow-based Bio Architects have gotten the go-ahead to start shipping the prefab dwellings from Russia … with love.

With 280-square-feet of living space, the smallest member of the DublDom series, the DD 1.26, can be built — and outfitted with a floating platform to make it a makeshift houseboat — in just a day. The modular “DD on water” can then “be registered as a ship and be moved around or even placed in city limits in the yacht club,” according to the firm.

The minimalist home, which is comprised of a hallway, lounge, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, has insulated floors and walls, double-glazed windows and pre-wired indoor and outdoor lights as standard options but can also be converted into an open-air model. 

The pre-packaged DublDoms come off the shelf with everything needed for the assembly process and the firm provides workers to build it on-site — if delivery is made within 60 miles of the factory.

Since that won’t be the case if you get one shipped to the U.S. (Canada is also an option), you’ll have to cough up some extra doubloons, but, given the DD’s $22.5k price, that should be doable. You’ll also wanna save a few smackers for the houseboat upgrade and optional porch.

To preorder yours, drop your local comrade an email.

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