Germany’s ‘Idea Train’ Is a Luxury Apartment Building on Rails

AI fitness trainers and noise-canceling chairs. Some commute.

November 14, 2017 9:00 am

From a new line running from Cape Town to Dar es Salaam to a 10-car stunner crafted by a former Ferrari designer, luxury rail travel has seen a serious revival of late.

Unlike those trains, Germany’s new “Ideenzug” is anything but a blast from the past.

Proposed by the state-owned Deutsche Bahn company, the sci-fi train concept is intended as an alternative to autonomous cars. For on-the-go gym rats, the concept train has coaches boasting gym equipment and digital fitness coaches offering advice. For passengers who need a snooze, there’s a car filled with bunks and “noise-canceling armchairs.” Looking to watch the big game? The Ideenzug has a compartment with big screen TVs streaming all the latest sports events (as well as das news).

Train (4 images)

On the more traditional side, there’s also a family car and working car, as well as food service.

“We want to offer our local transport customers more in the future — a new and unique travel experience,” said Deutsche Bahn CEO Dr. Jörg Sandvoss. “Our goal is that the public transport commuters think about such ideas in their future tender.”

We’re thinking about ‘em alright, and the future looks bright.

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