Today in Cabin Porn: A Reading Room in the Middle of Nowhere

It’s made from timber that was felled on site

September 7, 2016 9:00 am

Despite the fact that temperatures where I live (New York) have just barely started dipping into the ’70s, more than a few of us are eager for the impending crisp of fall — as evidenced by the amount of beanies, boots and flannels that came out of hiding on September the First.

And what is the unequivocal best thing to do when that first chilly fall day arrives? Read, of course. In bed, in a chair, by the fire … Or in a gorgeous private library upstate, if you have one.

Like, for example this place:

Created by Studio Padron, the Hemmelig Rom (“secret room,” in Norwegian) is a cozy reading cabin/guest house in Upstate New York made using oak trees felled on site. It’s basically the farm-to-table of single-room accommodations.

Rather than contribute to construction waste, Studio Padron used the leftover wood from a vacation house build that had been drying on site for several years. Criss-crossed piling lead to natural interior shelves (each wall is a little different), with gaps left for large windows to bring in views of the forest and plenty of reading light.

There’s a bed, lounge chair and a wood stove for maximum coziness year round.

We’ve got your reading list, you bring some slippers and a mug of something good.

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