Know Those Wine-Cork Tables? This Is That, But the Whole House.

Wonder what the Big Bad Wolf would've made of this

March 17, 2017 9:00 am

It took Portuguese designer António Fernandes a few trips to the drawing board before he finally came up with the concept for his latest sustainable shelter: put some cork in it.

Featuring cork as its primary source material, the one-floor Ecocubo is a 96-square-foot shelter that rests on stilts and features a stripped-down deck, basic kitchen and pull-out bed with room for two. The tiny house is capable of remaining reasonably warm thanks to its size and cork’s super-efficient insulating qualities, which also serve a double function of keeping the home cool in the summer. Capable of being built in as little as two weeks, the homes can be hooked up with solar panels or wind turbines for off-the-grid living and further customized to meet a customer’s needs.

Priced starting at $11,700, Ecocubo has yet to roll out mass production. Tell ‘em they should.

Cork House (5 images)

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