These Hotel Rooms Are a ‘Black Mirror’ Episode Come to Life

Welcome to the Optical Illusion Hotel

December 5, 2018 9:00 am

Most of us head to hotels that help the mind slow down. 

You know, where the brain’s toughest task will be choosing between the mahi-mahi and the lobster. 

That is decidedly not the case at The Other Place, a boutique hotel in southern China, which just opened two rooms dedicated to noggin-warbling optical illusions.  

Escher (3 images)

Conceived by Studio 10,  a design outpost with branches in China and New York, the rooms are named “Maze” and “Dream.” They could have just as easily been dubbed “Confusing” and “When’s Checkout?” Employing staircases to nowhere, random doors and general mazery, the rooms take their cue from famed Dutch graphic designer M.C. Escher (who used to create stuff like this).

Cool? Definitely. Conducive to a comfortable night’s sleep? Probably not. 

For more information on the rooms, head here. You can book “Dream” here and “Maze” here

h/t Curbed

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