This Cargo Ship Conversion Will Have You Wishing You Were Lost at Sea

G'head and throw the GPS overboard

November 1, 2017 9:00 am

Whatever this former Dutch cargo ship used to ferry in its past life is between it and the great scrapyard in the sky. But it lives to see another day, because local architects ANA architecten took the vessel and scraped away just enough rust to reveal a pretty enticing project: making it livable.

The buildout was for a client who wanted a comfortable home that could also take advantage of the amazing views from the water.

Barge Home (7 images)

The ship, called the Woonship VC, was clipped down to fit into a preexisting water lot, gutted, and rebuilt to be a spacious, attractive dwelling. Steel and cheap glass were replaced with wood and insulated windows. Solar panels were tossed up top.

The designers managed to tap into the unequivocal coolness of a hip urban apartment but with the romantic, historic practice of boating the city’s canals.

Float on, big ol’ cargo ship. Float on. 

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