This Amazing Cantilevered House Was Built for Under $150K

Yes, there is a catch. There is always a catch.

September 9, 2016 9:00 am

How to build a super-fancy-looking modern house on the cheap? Make it a class project. 

That’s the story behind this lovely prefab cantilevered home, plopped into a modest residential neighborhood like a vision of a wood-clad future. Students from Arkansas University designed the house, which is comprised of two 16′ X 32′ boxes, one on top of the other. Each module was constructed off-site and then trucked to its new home and carefully Jenga-ed into position. 

The bedrooms are in the upper box, while the common areas — the kitchen, a living room, and a half-bath — are all situated in the bottom one. There are also two patios as well as a roof deck. 

Costs came in at just $136 a square foot, for a total of $136,000. At that price, even a student could afford a striking, modern home. (A well-off student, anyway.)

It’s not so super fancy on the inside. 

But: roof deck! And patios! 

Someone is going to throw one hell of a kegger.

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