This City Might Be the Best Place For People Looking to Relocate

Is it a weird choice, or a logical one?

A map of the world
If you could work from anywhere, where would you go?
Adolfo Félix/Unsplash

It would be impossible to count the number of ways that the ongoing pandemic has affected everyday life, but one of the biggest changes involves working remotely. For a growing number of workers, where you live and where your job is based don’t have to be the same place — and that, in turn, has made more people consider relocating to their ideal place in the world.

That might mean a scenic location or a town close to family or friends; it might also mean a city with the right balance of amenities, climate and affordability. And a new study from took a global view, factoring everything from internet speeds to precipitation to cost of living. At the top of the list was Austin, Texas — followed very closely by Tokyo. Another American city — Charleston, in this case — finished third, due in part to its high average internet speed. What else did we learn from the survey?

Cities in the United States drew high marks. Overall, cities located in the U.S.A. fared very well by this metric. Besides the two mentioned above, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Miami all made the top 10 — with Washington and Chicago also featured in the top 20. (Just outside the top 20? New York City, at number 21.)

The top European destinations might surprise you. A total of three European cities showed up ranked in the top 20. Istanbul had an impressive showing at number 14, while Alicante and Valencia were back-to-back at 18 and 19, respectively.

Every continent except for Antarctica was represented in the top 25 destinations. While the United States and the Gulf states claimed the bulk of spaces here, the results have a genuinely global feel — with everywhere from Cape Town to São Paulo to Perth represented.

If you are pondering a move somewhere — or if you’d just like to consider your options — the survey results will leave you plenty to think about. Will they be enough to get you exploring Zillow (or the local equivalent)? That last part is up to you.

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