Ever Wanted to Live in a Luxury Dome? One Is On Sale Now in Arizona.

It's on sale for $3.75 million

Scottsdale, Arizona
Scottsdale, Arizona.
Robert Murray/Unsplash

In a perfect world, human residences would exist in harmony with nature. In practice, that’s a lot harder to do — something that’s just as relevant to sprawling estates as it is to residences for people without a lot of money to spend. Architects and environmentalists have experimented with a host of approaches in recent years, including rewilding and building a home out of shipping containers.

A luxury home that’s recently gone on the market in Scottsdale, Arizona offers another approach. While this home itself spans 9,500 square feet, according to an article at Robb Report, the overall vibe is less palatial and more sprawling. This is a house known as the Desert Dome, and it was built in 2000 with an eye towards making the most of the mountainous terrain and views around it.

The listing for the home offers even more details about what makes this space so unique. Of particular note are the aluminum panels used in the home’s construction, designed by StarNet — who you may know from their work on a certain geodesic dome at Epcot. It’s currently listed for $3,750,000.

The house also features a guest house and pool; all told, there are six bathrooms and seven and a half bathrooms. But really, what makes this stand out is the way it seems to harmonize with the landscape around it.

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