This Stove Thinks It’s a Dog

It sits. It stays. It warms you up without peeing on the rug.

November 14, 2016 9:00 am

What has four legs, a big mouth and a heart full of blazing hot fire? A pit bull chasing a squirrel.

But also, this stove.

Designed to look like a dog, the Agni-Hutte wood-burning stove is an efficient heating system that utilizes a unique two-layer structure in order to work.

By combining an inner furnace area for combustion with an outer layer for thermal storage and heat dissipation, the stove allows for full manipulation of how much warmth it gives off, as well as control over the amount of heat that gets sent to the cooking plate located on the top of the Hutte.

The recipient of a 2016 Good Design Award, the Hutte has added features like opening and closing levers with wooden handles, a large front window and an optional shelf.

Described as “lovely and rounded” by the GDA jury, the $4k Hutte was recognized for being “a small size wood stove of the space saving type” that has “a presence” despite its small stature.

It’s burning for you.

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