Sports | November 29, 2021 2:40 pm

Kareem Hunt’s Father ls Latest NFL Dad to Rip Cleveland QB Baker Mayfield

Mayfield completed 18-of-37 passes for 247 yards and a touchdown in a loss on Sunday night

Baker Mayfield of the Browns hands off to running back Kareem Hunt
Baker Mayfield of the Browns hands off to running back Kareem Hunt against the Bills.
Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty

Previously ripped into by the father of former teammate Odell Beckham Jr. in a video that was posted on social media, Cleveland quarterback Baker Mayfield was attacked on Facebook by the dad of current Browns running back Kareem Hunt on Sunday night.

Hunt’s father, who like was likely frustrated at the Browns’ (6-6) 16-10 loss to the Baltimore Ravens (8-3) at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday Night Football, lit into Mayfield after he completed 18-of-37 passes for 247 yards and a touchdown but failed to complete a pass to Hunt while battling injuries including a torn labrum and a left heel issue.

“Now I’m getting people on my Facebook saying I’m being like obj Daddy and I’m not I’m stating facts on football and what we see he’s limping he’s scared to throw the ball and they know he’s hurt they going to keep listening but if people don’t like what I’m saying unfriend me I’m not jeopardizing nothing I got a right to speak I ain’t posting no videos have a good day go Browns hopefully,” Kareem Hunt Sr. wrote in a post that has since been deleted.

Beckham was eventually released after his father went after Mayfield, but the run-focused Browns cannot afford to cut Hunt and will likely try to mend fences if there is an actual rift between the running back and his quarterback. It’s also possible that Hunt’s father was just speaking his mind and that the relationship between Hunt and Mayfield is completely fine.

“Unfortunately, this is a part of the job that’s not much fun,” Mayfield said of the off-field drama with Beckham earlier this month. “You want to try and eliminate the distractions and everything, but trying to get the best out of your teammates is first and foremost, and I think the most important thing for me is trying to elevate the guys around me. Being able to get the focus back on football is extremely important. This is something that’s very unique. There’s not a manual for this one. There’s not a handbook on how to navigate this besides talk to people, see how they are feeling about it and just keep it open because this is one of those things that, like everybody can see, it can be a dividing thing or it can be a rallying cry.”

It doesn’t really appear that it has been one or the other for the Browns as Cleveland has gone 2-2 over the past four weeks as Mayfield, who is certainly playing hurt, has been extremely mediocre. Following their bye week, the Browns will take on the Ravens again in Cleveland followed by another home game against the Raiders.