News & Opinion | October 21, 2020 11:27 am

Polish Gym Rebrands as Church to Remain Open Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

Exercise your mind and soul at the Church of the Healthy Body

lifting weights at gym
The body is a temple, as they say.
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Giving new meaning to the idea of working out “religiously,” a gym in Poland is fighting to remain open amid new wave of COVID-19 lockdowns by declaring itself a church.

The move comes as Poland faces a new round of increased coronavirus restrictions amid a recent spike in infections, shuttering gyms across the country. But while gyms have been forced to close, places of worship have been permitted to remain open, which one resourceful gym owner apparently saw as a convenient loophole.

“Because fitness classes aren’t allowed, starting today we’re offering religious gatherings for members of the Church of the Healthy Body,” the Atlantic Sports club in Krakow wrote in a Facebook post announcing the rebrand last weekend, according to the New York Post. The Facebook post also referred to gym trainers as “the elder council,” calling workouts “special religious events.”

Poland’s current level of coronavirus infections has rendered the entire country an “amber zone,” while more heavily affected areas, including Krakow, have been named “red zones.”

Fortunately, the divine transformation of a humble gym into a house of God comes as a bit of a silver lining as the nation plunges into the throes of another round of infections, proving miracles can still happen even in these dark times.

“Hard to believe?” the gym-turned-church wrote in the Facebook post. “In this world everything is possible.”