Italy Set to Reduce Travel Restrictions on June 3

Increased mobility is coming to Italy early next month

Flying over Italy
Italy announced the next phase of its reopening plan.
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By Tobias Carroll / May 17, 2020 6:47 pm

For those who have been following the spread of COVID-19 around the globe, the case of Italy stands out for a host of reasons. Earlier this spring, it was home to an unnerving number of cases — and over 31,000 people have lost their lives there as a result of the coronavirus. The number of cases has been dropping steadily over the last few weeks, however, and the Italian government recently announced a significant step in the nation’s recovery.

At The Washington Post, Chico Harlan has the news of an important milestone for Italy. Its government recently announced the easing of a number of travel restrictions. These changes, as of now, are set to go into effect on June 3.

What does that mean, in practical terms? Italians themselves will be free to move about the country, for one thing. And travelers from abroad will also be allowed to enter — or at least some will. Continent-wide travel restrictions are still in place, Harlan notes:

The continent’s external borders are closed to nonessential travelers until at least mid-June — keeping Italy, initially, off the table as a travel option for Americans. Foreign minister Luigi Di Maio indicated that Italy’s eased restrictions would apply to those already in the European Union, writing on Facebook that from June 3 it will be possible “to move within E.U. states.”

Among the goals of this re-opening is to spark tourism, an industry which has suffered since the the country first began dealing with COVID-19. How much of a boost this will provide remains to be seen — but it’s a welcome sign that the outbreak looks to be under control.

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