Watch These Complete Strangers Improvise a Beautiful Song Together

Music is a universal language

By The Editors
March 8, 2017 9:00 am

From Yin and Yang to Larry and Balki, history is filled with examples of opposite entities making a connection and teaming up create something meaningful.

Sometimes that connection is made through conversation. Sometimes it’s a well-thrown pass. And sometimes, as was the case with Twin Shadow and Andrew Aged, it’s via a Yamaha guitar.

As part of the Yamaha Revstar: Meet Your Other Half video series, the perfect strangers met each other for the first time and struck up a helluva conversation using nothing but their guitars.

Performed on a soundstage, the 100% unrehearsed musical chat proves words are overrated but you can hear the artists talk about what into it in a few of their own in the videos underneath.

Here’s hoping for an encore. 

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