Women Are Happier Cheating Than Men, Study Finds

"The more satisfied you are in your primary partnership, the more satisfied you are in your affair," Dr. Alicia Walker says.

Young woman lies in bed thinking about cheating on her spouse.
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Women are happier than men in affairs, according to a new study published in the Journal of Sexuality and Culture. First reported in Marie Claire, study author Dr. Alicia Walker explained her findings to the women’s magazine, noting that she found elevated happiness in the affairs sought “solely for sexual reasons.”

“Females having affairs are more likely to be happy than men,” Walker said. “It’s the ‘monogamy malaise.’ Existing research shows the longer women are in a sexual relationship, the more their desire drops over time, and they become less and less interested in having sex with their primary partner,” Walker said. “However, if they take on a new partner, their sexual desire returns to its previous high level.”

The subjects outlined in the piece used the notorious website Ashley Madison to find their cheating mate — but unsurprisingly, ultimately found the most satisfaction after they left their crumbling marriages to start anew.

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