Wisconsin Man Broke Measles Quarantine to Go to Gym

His wife is also being charged in helping him leave their home.

Wisconsin Man Broke Measles Quarantine to Go to Gym
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A man in Wisconsin is being charged with a misdemeanor for leaving his measles-quarantined home to go to the gym.

Jeffery Murawski, 57, is facing one count of willfully violating the recommendations of a local health officer or subjecting others to danger of contracting a communicable disease, NBC News reported.

His wife, Christine Bennett, 58, was also charged with the same crime for allegedly helping him leave their home and potentially exposing others to the communicable disease.

The charges are from May 1 when Murawski was under quarantine “until deemed non-contagious” by Waukesha County health officials or until May 7, 2018, a county court complaint states.

Bennett apparently helped her husband escape by allowing him to stow away in her car as she drove from the house. He then went to the gym but told police he left after just a few minutes because “he felt very guilty and sick to his stomach” for leaving the quarantine.

Murawski was spotted by an off-duty sheriff’s deputy while carrying a gym bag and walking down a street to a parking lot where got in a car driven by his wife. An on-duty cop quickly pulled dover Bennett’s car and inquired about the quarantine.

Murawski “put his head down… and began apologizing profusely,” according to the complaint.

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