Why We’re Listening to Katie Couric’s Podcast (And You Should, Too)

"Next Question" asks the big ones, from how porn shapes desire to how seriously we should take coronavirus

katie couric next question
The first podcast in our recently played queue.
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Men needing to shut up and listen has been a recurring theme throughout much of recorded history. From Cassandra’s failed attempt to warn her fellow ancient Greeks about the Trojan horse to the #MeToo movement’s rallying cry to please just believe women, the message is loud and clear: men need to listen up.

But listening is hard, and for everything you could and should be listening to, there are at least as many things you probably shouldn’t, like the new Justin Bieber album or certain news organizations.

So where to begin filtering through the din instead of just tuning it all out? Podcasts are a great place to start. They’re literally designed to be listened to and listening to them will make you seem smarter. More importantly, listening to the right podcasts will actually make you smarter.

Which brings us to Katie Couric’s Next Question, a podcast that definitely falls within the latter category.

On Next Question, Couric and her guests tackle issues both pressing and trending, from how porn became the new sex ed to whether or not keto is actually worth your time. And you know those questions you’re afraid to ask because you think you should already know the answer? Like, “What the hell is plant-based food and why is it suddenly everywhere?” Couric answers those, too, so you can finally stop just muttering, “Haha, yeah,” every time someone mentions Beyond Burgers or at-home DNA tests or Greta Gerwig.

The latest episode — in expectedly topical fashion — is one of the best listens you’ll find on how seriously we should be taking coronavirus.

Katie Couric Next Question
Katie Couric interviews Dr. Mark Hyman for Next Question

And sometimes Couric’s next question is one you haven’t even thought of yet but probably should be asking, from the lack of women in eSports to what the Equal Rights Amendment means for women (and for you). Couric is, above all, a legendary journalist with a well-earned reputation, and she dives into gender-driven issues from a diversity of perspectives, yours included.

In case you missed it, media — like most things — is becoming increasingly genderless, and Couric’s Next Question is here to help you navigate the most pressing issues affecting all identities, no judgment, no shame. Have questions? Great, Next Question with Katie Couric has answers. All you have to do is listen.

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