Watch “Saturday Night Live” Spoof Kellyanne Conway in “Marriage Story” Sketch

The sketch turned the Scarlett Johansson movie into a look at a different marriage

"Saturday Night Live" turns "Marriage Story" into a look at Kellyanne and George Conway
"Saturday Night Live" turns "Marriage Story" into a look at Kellyanne and George Conway

Scarlett Johansson hosted Saturday Night Live for the sixth time last night (Dec. 14), and while her monologue poked fun at her role in the Avengers movies, later in the show she referenced her more recent work, appearing in a Marriage Story parody that reexamines the movie as a look at Kellyanne and George Conway’s marriage.

Johansson stepped aside to let Kate McKinnon shine as Kellyanne Conway, instead playing the role of the mediator at the beginning of the movie who asks the couple to write lists of what they love about each other. Other Marriage Story details parodied in the sketch include one character’s tendency to leave mugs around the house, Conway cutting her husband’s hair and of course, a big fight that results in a hole being punched in a wall.

Naturally, the sketch also pokes fun at the dynamic between Kellyanne Conway and her anti-Trump husband George, having him tweet things like “Anyone who works for Trump is a demon.” Ultimately, we get a glimpse at what may be motivating these two when they both mistake the mediator for a journalist and lose interest when they realize their marital woes won’t be publicized.

You can watch the “A Conway Marriage Story” sketch in its entirety below.

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