Watch a GoPro Survive Being Swallowed by Lava in Hawaii

It continues to record while boiling rock from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano engulfs it.

November 17, 2017 10:01 am
Screengrab of lava. (Storyful/Erik Storm)
Screengrab of lava. (Storyful/Erik Storm)

Heart-pounding footage from a GoPro reveals the moment tour guide Erik Storm’s GoPro camera was swallowed by lava and engulfed in flames, Metro UK reports. Storm reportedly said he placed the camera in a crack to record the mesmerizing flow of lava when he got distracted.

“I was telling a story when the molten lava completely engulfed my GoPro (with housing on) and it caught on fire,” he said.

After yanking it out of the crack and allowing it to harden, Storm reportedly used a geology rock hammer to break the lava off of the housing. It was then he noticed the camera’s operations still appeared to be functioning.

“The camera even still worked although not as well as it did before,” Storm said. “Truly amazing it survived.”

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