Want $100K? Ditch Your Smartphone For a Year

Finally, get paid to unplug.


Vitaminwater wants you to ditch your phone and take a digital detox for 12 entire months.

And they’re willing to pay you $100,000 for it.

The Coca-Cola owned beverage company announced the contest this week on social media, Fast Company reports, and the details are a little vague. What we do know: Interested participants should take to Twitter and Instagram and share what they’d do if they weren’t constantly plugged in. Do it successfully for a year — and submit to a lie detector test at the end — and you’ll supposedly take home the prize money.

Here’s a look at some of the official rules, as published by Fast Company:

 – Post on either Twitter or Instagram your pitch for what you’d do if Vitaminwater freed you from the shackles of your iPhone or Android. The brand adds: “Go wild, be out there, and wow us. – Make sure to include hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest.”

 – In about a month, the company will choose the winners, who will be asked to give up their smartphones.

Okay, so this doesn’t sound like a bad gig, but the actual way your submission will be evaluated? It’s…pretty vague. Take a look.

 – Creativity and Originality of Submission (30%): presents idea in a fun and unique way

 – Cultural or Brand Relevance of Submission (30%): fits the brand tonality and persona

 – Humor of Submission (30%): relates to breaking the monotony for original and outside-the-lines reasons

 – Quality of Submission (10%): inclusion of proper grammar and spelling, and high-quality photos and/or videos (if photos/videos are included)

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