Here Are Some Victoria’s Secret Angels Singing ‘Santa Baby’

We wouldn't kick 'em out of our chimney

December 23, 2016 9:00 am

Not to be outdone by LOVE Magazine’s annual model-a-day advent calendar, Victoria’s Secret just released a video of six Angels strutting around in their knickers while cooing a fairly bland version of “Santa Baby.”

Now, we could complain about how this is really just part of an elaborate marketing scheme aimed — predaceously — at teenage girls, or point out the total lack of irony of the world’s biggest lingerie brand leveraging the most commercialistic Christmas carol ever written to sell lacy things, or just lament that this rendition pales in comparison to Eartha Kitt’s sultry 1953 original, but we don’t want to bahum your Christmas bug.

Just turn off your brain and enjoy.

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