Pee in Public, Save the Planet

Paris' new composting urinals are a sight to see. Literally.

February 9, 2017 9:00 am

Meanwhile, in France …

In an attempt to fight the damage and cost of cleaning up (not to mention the smell) of public urination, design agency Faltazi has created a street-side urinal called the Uritrottoir that grows flowers on top in a planter box and creates fertilizer in a bottom box by composting odor-fighting dry straw.

The internet-connected urinals require no water to function and are equipped with sensors that notify an attendant when the bottom tray is filled so it can be swapped and used for fertilizer.  

Besides creating organic material to help with sustainable efforts outside Paris, the Uritrottoir will theoretically help cut down on sanitation workers wasting water washing city streets.

Paris Urinals (3 images)

“Beyond the terrible smell, urine degrades lamp posts and telephone poles, damages cars, pollutes the Seine and undermines everyday life, “ Uritrottoir designer Laurent Lebot told The New York Times. “Cleaning up wastes water, and detergents are damaging for the environment.”

Paris sprung for two of the units — which can hold up to 600 pitstops each — for $9,730 and they are already in use outside the Gare de Lyon train station.

Very important — numero uno only.

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