Uber Has a Five-Foot-Tall Robot Guard That Patrols Its Company’s Lot

July 18, 2016 5:00 am

Real life has finally met RoboCop: enter robot security guards. Uber now protects its San Francisco inspection lot with the K5, a five-foot-tall, 300-pound robot created by Knightscope.

This is not to say that human guards are obsolete just yet. If the K-5 discovers wrongdoing, it documents the intruder with its multiple high-definition cameras, sets off an alarm, and notifies flesh-and-blood security personnel that there is a problem. Also, it can’t actually capture car thieves: People are still needed to do the final enforcement.

That said, K5 can be rented for only $7 per hour, a good deal cheaper than a human guard’s salaried rate. That suggests that there is potential for robots to eventually to take over security duties altogether.

Watch the K5 in action below.


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