Tom Cruise is Worried You’re Watching Movies at Home Wrong

A factory setting on many high definition TVs is ruining your in-home movie experience.

Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie issue a "motion smoothing" PSA (Twitter)
Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie issue a "motion smoothing" PSA (Twitter)

“Top Gun” actor Tom Cruise took a break from filming the legendary blockbuster’s sequel — Top Gun: Maverick — to deliver an important message to viewers: He wants you to change your TV settings before you stream, download, or pop another DVD on. Seriously.

“We’re talking to you from the set of Top Gun Maverick,” Cruise says in the PSA, flanked by Mission Impossible: Fallout director Chris McQuarrie.

“Video interpolation, or motion smoothing, is a digital effect on most high-definition televisions and is intended to reduce motion blur in sporting events and other high definition programming,” McQuarrie says. 

“The unfortunate side effect is that it makes most movies look like they were shot on high speed video rather than film,” Cruise says. “This is sometimes referred to as the ‘soap opera effect.’”

Cruise and McQuarrie acknowledge that it can be difficult to navigate how to change the setting, so they’re working with manufacturers to make it easier out of the gate. But until then, Cruise and McQuarrie say, Google how to turn of “motion smoothing” on whatever brand of TV you have.

Take a look at the full PSA below.

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