This Robot Mows Lawns, Rakes Leaves, and Shovels Snow

October 25, 2016 5:00 am

If you’re going to get a robot to work in your yard, you might as well pick one that isn’t limited to a single season. Meet Kobi, who’s kind of an outdoorsy Roomba. Depending on the attachment you use, it will function as a snowblower, a leaf-collector (and then shredder), or actually cut your law (with clippings left on your lawn as a natural fertilizer).

While autonomous, Kobi must first be guided around manually to understand the boundaries of your yard. (Kobi has cameras and sensors to help it avoid any pets or neighbors who may wander onto your turf.) Kobi is expected to go on the market at the beginning of 2017 and costs $3,999. To see more of Kobi, watch the video below.


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