This Reporter Quit Her Job Live on Air After Winning Just $5,000 in the Lottery

Suffice to say Natalia Escudero believed she'd won considerably more money

Spanish Christmas Lottery
The Spanish Christmas Lottery is an annual holiday tradition.
NurPhoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Not all lottery wins are created equal. Spanish TV reporter Natalia Escudero learned that the hard way after realizing the lottery win that reportedly prompted her to quit her job on live television was only worth about $5,000.

Escudero was covering Spain’s annual Christmas lottery, called El Gordo (The Fat One), on Sunday when she discovered she herself was a winner, the Washington Post reported.

“I’m not going in tomorrow,” she said upon making the discovery. “Natalia doesn’t work tomorrow. Woo!”

Escudero continued to celebrate on air, repeating the winning lottery number and pulling the woman who had sold her the winning ticket in for a kiss.

Unfortunately, Escudero would later learn that her share of the winnings amounted to a mere 5,000 euros, or about or about $5,500.

According to the Sun, Spanish lottery tickets cost 200 euros, and players can purchase a 10th of a full ticket for just 20 euros. This is the kind of ticket Escudero purchased, meaning her winning number was only worth a 10th of a full ticket’s share of the 2.24 billion euro prize.

Escudero later clarified her winnings in a subsequent clip, explaining that she had only taken home a “pinch” of the prize money. The reporter also tweeted an apology after viewers accused her of putting on an unprofessional display and lying about her winnings.

Escudero explained that she had not meant to lie to viewers, and had simply become emotional in response to the win after a few hard months.

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