This Is the Difference Between Pepsi And Coke

They're not identical twins.

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Coke? Or Pepsi? It’s a choice cola enthusiasts take seriously.

Drinkers typically cite taste as the main factor behind choosing a favorite. And now Reader’s Digest breaks down exactly what makes something almost exactly the same in makeup, taste so different — at least to fans of the bubbly beverages– from one another.

Pepsi and Coke both contain sugar, carbonated water, sodium, high fructose corn syrup, caffeine, phosphoric acid and natural flavors. However, one of these pops contains one extra ingredient and a tiny tweak to another.

Pepsi’s signature sweetness and citrus flavor is thanks to 2 additional grams of sugar and citric acid – each lacking from Coke’s recipe. The additional 15 mg of sodium packed into Coke give it that familiar “burning” sensation that Pepsi’s sweetness beats back.

Due to “regular” Pepsi’s sugariness, some folks prefer to make the move to Coke when it comes to the low-cal variety; the sweetness from Diet Pepsi can be a bit too much.

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