Think Fest

By The Editors
July 15, 2014 9:00 am

Bad news first. The Oscar invites we requested for all of our readers apparently got lost in the mail.

We’re tending to the matter straightaway.

Good news, meantime: Toronto hosts an annual film festival with a reputation for presaging Oscar contenders, and we’ve got a pair of tickets up for grabs.

We’re calling it the TIFF Insider Giveaway, hosted in partnership with Netted and Headlines & Heroes, and we’re taking entries for a weekend of movie screenings, after-parties and at-large living large.

Fact: the Toronto International Film Festival is democratic. It’s the Thomas Jefferson of the festival circuit. No jury. No best actor/actress/film. Just a People’s Choice Award for the flick most beloved by attendees.

Also fact: that award routinely predicts the Academy’s Best Picture (read: 12 Years a Slave; The King’s Speech; Slumdog Millionaire). Conclusion: the people know best.

In addition to being one of those people, our winner will receive:

  • Round-trip airfare for two plus three nights lodging in Toronto

  • 2 TIFF Choice Premium Sampler Tickets, good for access to three “premium film” screenings of your choice

  • Invites to one larger-than-life TIFF after-party

Can’t hurt to enter, eh.

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