Sugar Baby University Is Teaching Young Women How to Make Dating Their Side Job

While most men who sign up for this kind of relationship want romance, few actually end up married.

Sugaring is how some women afford their lives while others thrill at lavish gifts. (Getty Images)
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There’s only one goal upon graduating from Sugar Baby University — bagging a rich man.

That’s what young women are taught by the spokeswomen for Seeking, an online dating service launched in 2006 to broker relationships in which one person (typically a young woman) provides companionship to another individual (usually an older man) in exchange for cash or material benefits, Elle reported. It’s an arrangement called “sugaring” and is meant to sound as vague as possible in order to live in the grey area between a standard relationship and illegal sex work.

While most men who sign up for this kind of relationship do want romance, few actually end up marrying their sugar babies, the magazine reported.

Women find themselves in this position for a number of reasons — some need the extra cash to afford their lives and for financial stability, while others thrill over lavish gifts or opportunities to travel abroad and eat in restaurants previously out of their reach.

The average sugar baby brings in about $2,800 a month, according to Seeking, from men around age 38 who typically earn $250,000 annually and up.

And how does one “bag” a sugar daddy? “Find out what you’re passionate about and put it in an elevator pitch,” spokeswomen Brook Urick and Alexis Germany told a crowd of young women at a recent University meeting. Germany recommends having a canned “first date story.”

“I like it to be something kind of embarrassing and that way, when I tell it, I seem all cute and vulnerable,” she said, according to Elle.

Urick tells the women to bone up on podcasts. “Learn things, have interesting things to say about studies and stats stuff old guys are about,” she said. “Be positive, bright, and uplifting.”

But most of all, the two women say that building a real bond with a sugar daddy is the way to succeed at sugaring.

“You’re going to have to put in the time and the work, to see if you actually like someone,” says Brook. “Once you do actually like someone, they can feel that…and then they’ll want to buy you things.”

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