Starbucks Baristas Instructed On How To Respond About Howard Schultz

The coffee giant's former might run for president.

Howard Schultz
Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz had to grind his way to the top. (Stephen Brashear/ Getty)

Starbucks baristas have been instructed about responding to customers wanting to chat them up about potential presidential candidate and former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.

“Diffuse [sic] the situation,” a company memo says.

Schultz’s third book, From the Ground Up, which is not being sold at Starbucks locations, might prompt java lovers to chat up their cashier or barista about politics, some might even be aggressive.

According to Fox News, the memo outlines three questions and suggested responses:

“If a customer asks if we are selling Howard’s book at Starbucks:

“No, the books are available at bookstores and online.

“If a customer attempts to investigate, or share aggressive political opinions, attempt to diffuse the situation by sharing:

“We respect everyone’s opinion. Our goal is simply to create a warm and welcoming space where we can all gather, as a community, over great coffee.

“If asked about Howard’s political intentions:

“Howard’s future plans are up to him.”

Starbucks workers are reportedly having mixed feelings over the current situation. “I would expect that because of Schultz’s announcement, many customers will try to talk to us baristas about politics and Schultz while we are working,” one Starbucks worker told Business Insider. “While I would personally be ok with this, I think it would make many baristas feel uncomfortable,” he said. “As far as I know, we are not supposed to discuss politics while working, and we could easily be written up for it.”

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