People Are Spending Stimulus Checks on Sex Toys, Guns and Stripper Poles

Let the impulse buying begin

stimulus checks
Stimulus checks are here! What are you blowing yours on?

While many coronavirus stimulus checks are going directly toward bills and rent as millions of Americans grapple with financial uncertainty amid the COVID-19 pandemic, some are being put toward more entertaining, if less pragmatic, purchases.

As Americans began to receive their coronavirus relief funds this week, many took to Twitter to share their plans for the extra cash, and as the New York Post noted, many of those plans involved some pretty interesting impulse buys.

One recent stimulus check recipient is now the proud owner of an inflatable dinosaur costume, for which they apparently “have good use.”

Meanwhile, other check-holders plan to invest the money, including one Twitter user who announced plans to put the funds toward a stripper pole, tweeting, “I’m buying a stripper pole with my stimulus check. We have to invest in our future.”

Still others decided to invest in future orgasms, like the woman who tweeted about putting money from her stimulus check toward a new sex toy — after first paying off her credit card debt.

Other interesting if possibly ill-advised stimulus check purchases include Yeezys, guns, paintball equipment, e-scooters and a canopy bed for some lucky child somewhere.

While there’s nothing wrong with indulging now if you have the means, some people are taking the stimulus check as a chance to give to those that don’t, like the couple who donated their checks to Feeding America.

Or you could just blow it on sex toys or a porn star-approved bidet. It’s your government-granted money!

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