You Will Love This Flashlight. Even Though It’s Tiny.

It's called the Bullet. Guess how big it is.

By The Editors
March 27, 2017 9:00 am

Yes, your phone has a flashlight.

But what do you do when you need to use your phone while walking in the dark, smarty pants?

Slughaus, a Bay Area tech company, just designed the Bullet 02, their second iteration of a bullet-sized flashlight. Now funded on Kickstarter (and only costing $10), it’s the size of a .40 S&W round, which at 26mm x 10mm, is smaller than a paperclip.

They made this one 30 percent smaller, but the big difference between the 01 and 02 is this little guy is virtually indestructible. They ran it over with a SUV and you know how that goes. They also made it completely waterproof.  

Fasten it to your keychain and you’ll add 20 lumens good for nearly 100,000 hours (which, by the way, is way better than your smartphone’s light), enough to brighten up your darkest moments.

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