Get a Room: Six Handsome Things That Belong in Your Man Cave

Bike racks, retro TVs and one very artistic baseball bat

July 14, 2016 9:00 am

We’ve all been there: you move into a new place and buy some cheap Craigslist wares to “hold you over” till you get settled. Two years later, you’re still sitting on the same slipshod folding chairs and finding increasingly creative ways to store your books, mail and hang-ables. That’s why we created Get a Room, our curation of handsome, hard-wearing living room upgrades at a range of price points.

Pillbox Bat Co. Home of the Brave Bat | $160
Use it, display it, keep it under the car seat; that part’s up to you. But this stunner — and all its kin — are gorgeous, handmade piece of Americana. Because every man should own some art, but luckily for the everyman, “art” is a flexible term.

Killwood Bika Bike Rack | $270
Still in Kickstarter phase but well on its way to funding and for good reason: the bike racks are produced from the healthy leftovers of trees struck by the pine beetle epidemic in British Columbia, which has affected more than 44 million acres of trees. Left unused, these trees contribute huge amounts of CO2 and methane to the ecosystem, but products such as the Bika rack mitigate that pollution. Plus it’s damn handsome if you’re a cyclist with a pretty set of wheels to show off.

Souda Signal Pendant Light | $616.25
Lighting can make or break whether a room is comfortable, but you can’t just slap a floor lamp in the corner and call it good. We recommend something distinctive but not overly bright. This spun metal piece with a stem adds welcoming, ambient light to any space. Comes in copper, brass, white and black.

Lyon Beton Hauteville Low Armchair | $628
It’s the ubiquitous Eames’ Fiberglass Chair with a modern update. The classic silhouette is rendered here in a surprisingly commodious and smooth concrete that will add more than a little personality to your living room. And unlike your Ikea buys, you won’t be seeing this beaut in all your friends’ homes.

Samsung Serif TV | $1,500
If you’re going to have a TV, may as well make it look nice. The Samsung Serif is newly launched in the States (pre-orders are expected to begin shipping this month) but the somewhat retro-futuristic design has been polarizing, to say the least. We like that it keeps cords and digital clutter to a minimum with its magnetic textile backing, and it has a more timeless look about it than most tech.

KiBiSi XTable Adjustable Desk | $1,500
No electricity needed for this adjustable table: the hand-cranked workspace was inspired by carjacks, ironing boards and other tools from the workshop, because sometimes simple and sturdy is all you need. Fun fact: one of the designers from this firm was named in  for 2016. This is your chance to be like him.

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